Friday, May 22, 2009

A request from FreeThinkScript to you

Good morning readers. Thanks for the visit today. This morning I have a favor to ask.

Additional functionality in the thinkscript language will lead to better scripts that provide cutting edge analytical tools.

This change to the ThinkScript language is long overdue. When I "reference" a symbol from within a thinkscript I need to be able to specify the specific charting timeframe. So if I want "$TICK" data while I'm in a 233 chart I can get "$TICK" in a 1 minute format.

There are multiple ways to do this. One way might be to create a setter function the opposite of getAggregationPeriod().


Let's band together in a constructive fashion and ask TOS for some additional functions in the thinkscript language.

Click here for ThinkOrSwim Live chat with Tech Support. Copy/Paste this this URL and paste it into your chat session as a reference.

Or send an email to 'tpreston@thinkorswim' and request this additional feature.

Thanks in advance,
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