Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free thinkscript for Market Internals, Market Breadth

Here is a free thinkscript for everyone looking to include Market Internals in their Think or Swim platform.

You can tweek your centerline but the default is 1.

#---------------------------------------------------------------begin of Script

declare lower;
input show_NYSE = {"No", default "Yes"};
input show_NASDAQ = {"No", default "Yes"};
input centerline = 1;

plot uv = if(show_NYSE, (close("$UVOL") / close("$DVOL")), double.nan);
plot dv = if(show_NYSE, (close("$DVOL") / close("$UVOL")), double.nan);
plot nasu = if(show_NASDAQ, (close("$UVOL/Q") / close("$DVOL/Q")), double.nan);

plot nasd = if(show_NASDAQ, (close("$DVOL/Q") / close("$UVOL/Q")), double.nan);

plot center_line = centerline;

#---------------------------------------------------------------end of Script
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