Saturday, May 16, 2009

Begging for Donations and charging for Think Scripts!? Scams and shams.

Have you ever seen those beggars at the end of the highway exit ramps. The ones that raise your suspicions because they are wearing polo shirts and clean cotton slacks.
Highway exit ramp beggers named Prospectus or is it Pro-scam-us, and thinkscammer or something like that?

(Hat tip to reader TX_Lawnman(Mark_M,etc...) for sending the funny photo)

Bottom line: I make money trading so I don't have to charge you for thinkscripts! If I didn't trade I would have a real job and wouldn't resort to begging for donations on the Information Superhighway. These websites charging you for scripts and begging for donations are pitiful. There scripts will not make you money in the markets!! The only thing that makes you money in the markets is your trading discipline. "Studies" or indicators are visual enhancements only and that's it.

Are your losses exceeding your gains? If yes: stop trading right away! STOP. I mean slam the breaks on right now. You need discipline not a study that you have to buy from some snakeoil salesman on the interwebs.

Discipline: for a beginner to intermediate emini or futures trader this is the place you will get it --> Emini Addict. The live Trading room will cost you $30 a month. Paper Trade with a ThinkOrSwim paper account while you are learning and you will be shocked at the changes in your trading discipline. I get no kickback for plugging Daves website.

Don't buy the scam thinkscripts that promise you the moon. If the scammers were making so much money with their scam scripts do you think they would be selling them for any amount less than $15-$20 million dollars?

Just say no to the scammers.

In fact, I doubt that you are a Brown Shoe. Just more lies and BS from you to try to hold on to your soon to be ex-members.

HatTip to 'Anon' who has provided me with this little nugget from ThinkScripters brilliant and classy HelloWorld article.

Jan 17th, 2009 by ThinkScripter

I’ve been hacking away lately on some custom Think or Swim indicators and thought I’d set up this blog to share them and solicit some feedback. The scripts are free to anyone but I ask that you leave the notes in the header alone so that others can find this site and help me in my quest for complete world domination and ONE MILLION BILLION DOLLARS.

I hope you find some of them useful and improve your profitability. Shoot me some feedback one way or another.

If you find them really useful and make a gazillion bucks, then by all means click that DONATE button down there and keep my motivation levels high and my beer money fund in good health.

Happy trading to all. - ThinkScripter

I have a feeling daddy spends all day scheme and scamming while guzzling the beer. LoL Doesn't ThinkScripter sound a lot like Prospectus? Wouldn't it be a gass if they were one-in-the-same? Something to think about...

Nuff' said. I'm back to posting good Free ThinkScripts.
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